Audiovisual Productions

Aria in Testa is word play. Explaining puns is not much fun, but not everyone speaks italian so here we go. In photography, "headroom is a concept of aesthetic composition that addresses the relative vertical position of the subject within the frame of the image" (from Wikipedia).

In other words, it's the distance between the top of the subject's head and the top of the frame. Usually, you hear someone mention it when it's too much or too little.

But literally, it means "air in the head". The breathing of thoughts, a current of fresh air that helps ideas to spring, grow and find their meaning. Which allows a vision to become moving image. And in this sense, it's never enough.

Aria in Testa is a film production company that believes in the priority of ideas. Because to push the Rec button you only need a finger, but to express an idea you need to keep air flowing in the head.

  • ALESSANDRO BIANCO - Founder and Director
  • STEFANO CAMPETTA - Communication
  • BEATRICE CAPONE - Marketing
  • ANNA SARA D'AVERSA - Research and Communication
  • CHIARA GIULIA MORANDI - Research and Communication
  • ELENA CAPELLI - Accounting

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