Friday night. A crowded pizzeria, a waiter and a large noisy table. He approaches the table to take the orders. Everyone is immersed in conversation and nobody is listening. He struggles to get their attention, but they're louder and louder. At the end of the chaos they will meet the limit of his patience. And the price of silence.


RaiSat interviews Alessandro Bianco

Short film

Directed by: Alessandro Bianco
Written by: Donatello and Alessandro Bianco
Director of Photography: Michele D'Attanasio
Format: HD
Year: 2006
Runtime: 11 minuti

Cast: Andrea Giovannucci, Daniele Bergonzi, Francesco De Francesco, Giorgia Sinicorni, Pierluigi Aielli, Giuseppe Spano, Ilaria Cappelluti, Carlo Giordano, Emanuele Luchetti, Francesca Piccolo, Daniela Barbara Viola, Luca Casalino, Andrea Cairoli, Gloria Melandri, Marco Manfredi, Nadia Di Lorenzo, Alessandro Giovannucci, Adalgisa Tomassetti, Francesco Orlotti


Screenplay finalist at:
NISI MASA European Short Film Script Contest (2005)

Best Short Film at 5&5 Cecina Film Festival (2008)

In competition at:
Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival
European Independent Film Festival
Aarhus international film & video festival
Sunscreen Film Festival
Sonoma Valley Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival
Linea d'Ombra Salerno Film Festival